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Tea&Food Pairing 

Keallepoat & Singell Spring Blossom

Keallepoat (Frisian for calf's foot) is a type of syrup cake with as main ingredients rye flour, caster sugar, honey, cookie spices and anise. To balance the spices in this cake I paired it with a Darjeeling Singell Spring Blossom green tea. This tea is made from the AV2 Clonal varietal. This gives the tea a very fruity sweet and even flowery flavour and taste. Love this tea and food pairing!

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Peperoni pizza & Jungpana Wonder

Peperoni pizza loves an India Darjeeling Jungpana Wonder Second Flush! The beautiful sweetness of the tea balances the spice part of the pizza and brings out the umami of the cheese. 9 grams of tea in my 120 ml teapot. I used water of 80 degrees Celsius and infused the leaves for 30-35-45-60 seconds.

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Chicken Tajine & Yanki Oolong style

A chicken tagine paired with an India Darjeeling Yanki oolong style tea. Enhances the citrus aroma in the dish and balances the spice flavours. 6 grams of tea in a 100 ml hohin, 30-40-45 seconds steeping time and 90 degrees Celsius water.

Bekijk de pairing ook op Instagram.