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Yanki, Oolong First flush 2019


Oolong from Yanki Tea comes from a Small Tea farmer. 

This Tea is from March season and made by Allan Rai a very young Tea maker in Yanki Tea factory. 

He calls this a Oolong Tea and is handrolled by him. Made from Camellia Assamica tea bushes this Tea is bold and has a strong tobacco taste in the finish due to the charcoal roasting. 

It’s very rare to find Tea only from Camellia Assamica made in Darjeeling as most tea bushes in Darjeeling region are Camellia sinensis.


Yanki Tea factory is a small Tea farmers Tea project. This Tea factory is located in the Mirik Valley. 

Darjeeling has only about 4 -5 Small Tea farmers Factories.

180 ml

2 grams


 3 mins