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Singell, Spring Blossom First flush 2019


This is a pure AV2 Clonal First flush from Singell Tea Garden. 

It is very mellow and light in cup. Has hints of flowers of the Spring season. 

A pure connaisseurs delight for people who love light, delicate tea with hints of flowers with a pleasant hint of bitter almond in the finish.

Singell is an organic certified Tea garden nestled in the Kurseong valley. This Tea garden is known for its First flush and Second flush Teas.

Singell Tea Estate was established in 1870 by a British Planter, James White.  


This tea estate started operating as Hor & Miller Co., and continued until 1960 before the ownership was passed on to Indian owner, Rampuria Company 


2 gram 


2-3 min

50 gram