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Badamtam, Moonlight White Tea First flush 2019


One of the best Teas of this year  from Badamtam Tea Estate- This tea takes you to a trip to heaven and back. Extremely delicate, fresh apricot notes, smooth and gentle. The leaves are shiny and full of tiny hairs.

 The liquor is immensely smooth and aromatic, well-balanced, crisp and tipped with floral-fruity sweetness. 

Intense floral notes of geranium and jasmine greet the palate and dominate the cup. A fruity sweetness, similar to mango emerges around the middle and the back, balancing the rich floral attributes of the cup. 

Subtle flavor of sweet greens can be picked up in the aftertaste. The second steep is more mellow and has a pronounced flavor of raw mango in it. 

Recommended with ice for a truly sublime and exhilarating experience.

Badamtam is located in the Lebong Valley in Darjeeling and they grow tea from 305 to 1830 m above sea level. The first seeds where planted by Christine Barnes in 1858.  Badamtam is a Organic Certified Tea Garden.

50 gram


180 ml

80℃ -85℃

 2.5 g

5 mins