Assam, Golden Tippy Second flush 2019 80 gram



This Golden Tippy Assam produces round, full- bodied cup with deep copper liquor in the cup. 

It is well balanced with a distinct malty finish, full and broken tippy leaves from the early Second flush of 2019. 

One of the finest pick of the season.

The Assam region borders Bangladesh and Burma, known for high precipitation (especially during monsoon period) and high humidity and temperatures. 

This hot terroir yields a strong, malty, black tea character. Contrast that to Darjeeling and Nilgiri teas, which are grown in the highlands, and exhibit great complexity (as opposed to strength and maltiness). 

Summer harvest Assams are superior to spring harvests, largely due to the "tippiness" of the leaves, which can be seen as the golden or white tips.  

 This Golden Assam is lower in strength than our Organic Assam, because the larger leaves result in slower release of the flavour molecules.  

180 ml
2 grams
90-100 C
3 mins

80 gram