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Arya, Ruby Second flush 2019


Made exclusively from AV2 Clonal bushes this tea is tippy and wiry. 

We can call it a stylish tea from Darjeeling with a complex character and abundance of muscatel notes. For those who like a lighter black tea it’s a great choice!

Ruby from Arya Tea Garden is one of their signature brand teas. They are known for their Ruby as this Tea is made during the Second flush in limited quantities. 

Due to the consistent quality Arya is able to deliver year after year despite the growing challenges of Climate change everywhere. 

The Arya Tea Estate was established in 1885 and was originally known as 'Sidrabong'. 

Legend tells that the garden was founded by Buddhist monks who developed and cultivated different varieties of Chinese seed. 

The house inhabited by the monks in the 19th century can still be found on the estate.

Arya is a Organic Certified Tea Garden. 

2 grams
2-3 mins

50 gram